Eligibility of Entry
Registration is open to all Public Listed Companies, Multinational Companies, Government-Linked Companies and Large Corporations and enterprises of the Asia Pacific region with the following minimum requirements:
Outstanding performance on individual and multiple aspects such as marketing strategies, prestigious products/ services, R&D capabilities and sales results.
Directors and the Company should not have been involved in any business legal suit or have regulatory problems with the relevant authorities in the past two (2) years.
Able to provide documentary authentication (example, Company Registration documents which can be allowed to be published on the internet).
Candidates must be nominated by Trade Associations, Media, Financial Institutions, past award winners or key Government Agencies.
The organizer will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the company documents. On-site evaluation may be conducted to determine the eligible finalists.
All finalists will be verified and authenticated by an International professional credit information body.
The organizer will submit the list of the finalists to the co-organizers and International Entrepreneur Councils for their professional advice and endorsement.
  Winners will be officially notified by post.
Evaluation Criteria
THE ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL HONESTY ENTERPRISE-KERIS AWARD nominees are judged overall based on the following five (5) core evaluation criteria:
    A. Innovation and Strategies:
  • Create new value or Business operations model
  • Patents/ trademark/ Intellectual property
  • Major innovation
  • Strategies for growth and evolution
  • Awards
  • Research and development
  • Strategic planning and implementation
    B. Company Vision and Mission:
  • History
  • Strengths
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Core business
  • Honesty track records
  • Company culture
  • Corporate social responsibility
    C. Operation Efficiency:
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the management of
    human resources
  • Adoption of information technology
  • Systematic documentation
  • Process efficiency
  • Accreditations, example, ISO
    D. Financial performance
  • Operating profit before and after tax
  • Profit and sales growth
    E. Products/ Services:
  • Product/ Services research and development
  • Marketing positioning
  • Market presence
Additional Notes On Nominations
All sections should be completed thoroughly as information provided will form the basis for judging. Please denote N/A where appropriate.
All information provided in the nomination form will be treated with full confidentiality.
The Organizer cannot undertake to return documents or supplementary material submitted with an entry.
Names of applicants, commentary and scoring information developed during the review of applicants are regarded as proprietary by the Organising Committee and are kept strictly confidential. Such information is available only to those individuals directly involved in the assessment and administrative process.
Withdrawal from the award on your won accord after submission is in breach of the terms of nomination and will not be refunded the processing fee.
Once the company is announced as a winner, she cannot withdraw from the competition.
The decision of the organiser are final and there will be anonymity of those not listed.


The organiser may revoke an award in the event that any of the above conditions for this nomination is breached.

The Organising Committee reserve the rights to amend any of the above mentioned rules and regulations as and whenever deem necessary.

In conjunction with the event, "The Asia Pacific lnternational Honesty Enterprise-Keris Award-Book of Records" that pays tribute to all winners will be published and distributed to Asia pacific countries. Every winners will be featured in an exclusive, two pages presentation in the illustrious large format coffee table style publication.
Winners are responsibled to send their company profile (about 500 words in English) with 8 to 10 photos (5R or bigger, if in digital format, at least 1MB or above each). The editorial committee will commence the layout design process.
The Organising Committee reserves the rights to amend any of the above mentioned rules and regulations as and whenever deem necessary.
      Copyright The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award. All Rights Reserved.
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